Spring 2013
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From Yellowstone National Park - spring of the bear!

This spring we experienced more bear sightings than I've seen ever.  It almost got boring to see bears not more than 30 yards from the road - almost boring but not quite.  In addition we had some real treats other than the bears:  long-eared owls, wolves and some other exotic wildlife.

Bryce National Park (click here)          Zion National Park (click here)

It's always more fun on the road than in a plane.  As we passed semis I notice our reflection in the truck's side mirrors!


We always pass through the "fruited plains" with some interesting opportunities for photography.


 Even though this was on our way back, we followed a beautiful thunderstorm through Kansas where a rainbow followed for many miles.

Sandhill Cranes landing are like well-trained paratroopers!


Exotic species are always fun: Williamson's Sapsucker (male)


While waiting for the sapsucker, we watched this lady bluebird work tirelessly to get this feather in her nest - and she did succeed.

Another fab photo-moment: A Long-eared Owl.


The buffalo are always fun to photograph.


What lucky to have 779F (a famous female  YNP wolf)

We hit upon a darling vixen & her kits which gave us days of great photo ops.


A learning moment, or maybe just being a little piggy!


The kits loved to play - always.

There were so many bears, but these two were our favs.  This mother loved playing with her cub.


This is the famous Scarface (aka grizzly # 211) at Dunraven Pass.


The next day we saw him again at Slough Creek - 21 miles away - through lots of mountainous terrain.

I love the delicacy of these plants.


A great panorama of a sunrise in the Lamar Valley


Early morning on Beartooth Lake, smooth as glass.