Spring 2013
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From Yellowstone National Park - spring of the bear!

We visited Page, AZ about 3 years ago and were totally taken with it, but didn't schedule a long time there.  This year, we went back and planned on spending at least a week there exploring various slot canyons - famous and not-so-famous. 



Lower Antelope:
This is a great place to visit even though the Upper canyon is the more famous.  Here is the girl with the flowing hair.

Lower Antelope:
The Eagle


 Lower Antelope:
How slot canyons start - very boring and then suddenly...

They turn into these gorgeous deep canyons that are so colorful and unexpected


They are created by years of water erosion through layers of less dense (and more erodable) layers of soil.


The color is from the Navajo Sandstone, part of the Vermillion Cliffs (one of the steps of the Grand Staircase)

The Navajo Sandstone has quartz in it which reflects light and it is the sun's reflection on the sides of the canyon (not the sunlight side)....


...that causes the gorgeous colors that look almost artificial.


I call this art by erosion.

Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park

Delicate Arch or more appropriately named The Schoolmarm's Bloomers!


A long shot of Walt on the Arch - can't see him....


Here's a close up of that shot!

The most unexpected shots appear in slot canyons with the light bouncing and reflecting.  Here's a tree lit, but the back ground in shadow.


Corona Arch with the Rock Face in the back ground.


This is called Bow Tie Arch. I suppose there were so may that they couldn't think of other names, however this doesn't look like a bow tie to me!

Three sunrises and we finally got a great shot of this famous Mesa Arch, and Walt didn't fail!  BTW this shot has not been fiddled with and we didn't add any sun rays to it.  It came out of the camera like this!


A huge arch that was formerly Delicate Arch, however a snafu in park labels and this arch is now Landscape Arch.


Double Arch
This shows the glorious color combination that is so naturally gorgeous.  Orange and Blue are on opposites sides of the color wheel making a perfect example of a complimentary color palette.

A quick trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon at sunset.


Traveling south of Page, a great view of the Vermilion Cliffs near Marble Canyon


Dead Horse State Park north of Canyonlands, and where many scenes from Westworld were filmed (Those intro scenes with the train going through the canyon are from this park)

Probably the most famous shot of the SW, Monument Valley National Park, the East and West Mittens at sunset.


And this is the crowd that awaits every sunrise @ Mesa Aarch


Our video of our balloon ride over Canyonlands National Park.  This was really fun!