Yellowstone National Park, 2010
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Spring & Autumn

Spring in Yellowstone is enjoying the warmth, getting more food and babies, babies, babies
Image 3-1
Moving Day

Image 3-2
Ruddy swimming

Image 3-3
Life is good when you're a coyote in Yellowstone!

Image 3-4
Pikas nesting

Image 3-5
Lone young bull

Image 3-6
grazing the horizon

 Bison and Babies
Image 3-7
Mom w/ calf close by

Image 3-8
Bison calves are golden when they are first born.

Image 3-9
Pastoral scene

 Autumn color and sites
Image 3-10

Image 3-11
Travelin' down the Oxbow Bend of the Snake River

Image 3-12
Are you a Carnivore?


Gardiner River, MT


Typical YNP Autumn color


The main color culprit