Alaska Salmon Run
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Fishing for Salmon on the Anvik River, and you can hear Johnny Horton singing "North to Alaska"
This was a dream come true for Walt and John who had wanted to take this trip for a while.  They would trek down the river every day fishing for pike,

Image 3-1
The Leader of the Pack!

Image 3-2
Traveling down the river

Image 3-3
And a griz on the banks eating a salmon and not happy about the folks coming down the river.

Image 3-4
A closer view - still not happy

Image 3-5
Walking away, but still looking at the intruders  (us!)

Image 3-6
A close-up

Image 3-7
Boats all lined up ready for another day of fishing.

Image 3-8
From the lodge to the boat

Image 3-9
The Lodge

Image 3-10
Fishing on the shore.

Image 3-11
Eagle's nest on the side of the river - one of the many beautiful sights on the river

Image 3-12
Bear and leaping fish

Image 3-10
Arctic Char.

Image 3-11
The King Salmon

Image 3-12
Awards: John winning for catching one of each of the 5 species in Alaska.