Lesser Prairie Chicken
Click image for close up view

In the spring, the Prairie Chickens go a-booming and get puffy-chested, which is just what the females like, but they are beautiful when they show off.


Meet 'n Greet


TÍte ‚ tÍte


Thumbing and booming

Puffing up


Full puff


A visitor to the leks!

The Tallgrass Prairie Preserve houses a wealth of natural finds, the prairie chicken, bison and the grass itself are just very small portion of the natural value and resources available.  TNC has made remarkable inroads in not only preserving the habitat, but also restoring it back to its original condition, weather, grass and bison all contribute to make a natural balance.  A vital part of that balance is prescribed burning, which has become not only an art, but a valuable tool for the naturalist   The background photograph is of a prescribed burning during the period we were there to check out the chickens booming.