Four Canyon Preserve
This is an unusual year.  The rains have made the normally dry prairie very fertile and green.  The plants and animals that usually survive in this dry area of the state, blossom like crazy when there is a plethora of rain, and so far this year, there has been more rain to date, than what they all all year in 2011.   There are good and bad to both sides, but for now - here's the good - the beautiful flowers and insects (except the skeeters!)
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Image 7-1
Our state wildflower, gaillardia with a Checkerspot butterfly.

Image 7-2
The gaillardia were everywhere here with probably a little skipper.

Image 7-3
Beautiful Western White.

Image 7-4
Primrose getting ready to open
Image 7-5
Another primrose.
Image 7-6
Image 7-7
Out of cactus, come the most exotic of blossoms.

Image 7-8
Grass - the trademark of the prairie.

Image 7-9
Another cactus, another bloom (with pollinator!)

Image 7-10

Image 7-11
Milkweed with pretty spider.

Image 7-12
The prairie isn't the prairie without a Redwing Blackbird (who has a distinctive and beautiful call).

Image 7-13
Also never very far - Soapweed Yucca.

Image 7-14
The soapweed blossom.

Image 7-15
A milkweed type

Image 7-16
Horned Frog.

Image 7-17
Our official Four Canyon greeter (sunning in the morning)
Image 7-18
Our official greeter sunning in the afternoon (I swear he's selling insurance!)