Yellowstone, Spring 2012
The background shot here is Tetons on Jackson Lake
Click image for close up view


Spring Buffalo


Mama Griz & her cub crossing the Yellowstone (the easy way!)


Red Top

Sniffing for some food.


Moms always have that certain look.


About 24 hours old.

Healthy griz near Swan Lake @ YNP.


Family of grizzly's with playful cubs.


Family of Black Bears near Tower @ YNP.

Walt's find - mating red hawks.


Beautiful shot of red hawks.


Promenade through Floating Island Lake.

Fancy mating plumage.


Eared Grebes in colorful plumage.


All the grebes want the same gal!

Black bear - straight on.


Bison - head on.


Why the Beartooth doesn't open till June 1st!

Devil's Slide (outside Gardiner, MT)


The Dipper in and out of its nest.


American Dipper usually found near water where they can dive and swim!

Badger solo.


Badger family.


Squirrels living next door to badgers until lunch time!

Fox on the prowl for food.


Must have found some
lip-smackin' good.


The food is MINE!