First Stop
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Galleries for Farmington, NM and Page, AZ

The background photo here is of 4 of the 6 steps of the Grand Staircase that runs from Cedar City, Utah to the Grand Canyon in southern UT and northern AZ.

Bryce National Park (click here)          Zion National Park (click here)

Drove straight thru to see a beautiful NM sunset.


Autumn is roasting chilies time-the aroma fills the air.


 A picturesque farm where the chilies are grown.

Terrance the Chile Doc.

Imgae 9-5
Entrance to Archunde Farms

Image 9-6
Our chilies have been freshly picked and roasted just before we pick'em up!

Image 9-10
The main reason we're in Farmington - to fish the San Juan for trout - and yes Claire caught this one!

Image 9-11
The Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado river where Walt got to show off his fisheye lens.

Image 9-12
A picture that Claire really wanted, but a surprise was waiting for us.

Image 9-13
While crossing the Navajo Bridge, what should be below but about 6 Condors

Image 9-14
Serving Table 73.

Image 9-15
The numbers are because the birds are endangered and followed (some have radios on them).