Bryce National Park
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Gallery for Bryce and parts of GSENM

GSENM is the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.  The background photo is 4 of the 6 steps of the Grand Staircase taken just south of

Image 9-7
Mid-morning at the Hoodoos of Bryce Canyon

Image 9-8
Walt's wonderful fish-eye capturing the huge panorama of the Hoodoos.

Image 9-9
 Natural Bridge carved from rain, frozen water and wind.

Image 9-16
Our first trek through a slot canyon - Willis Creek.

Image 9-17
Beautiful views throughout this hike.

Image 9-18
Each corner offered another beautiful view.

Image 9-19
But here's the crummy part....Walt & I ran across a lovely couple from Colorado and we promised to leave our card and contact info with them.  Unfortunately I had a nasty argument with a cactus (and the cactus won!) and was sidetracked by multiple pricklies in my fingers and being one who makes her living by being an artist, I'm very protective of my hands and fingers and got completely side-tracked, till we were back in Cannonville.  Then remembered we did not leave them a card.  Hopefully they will read this or read our blog, and get in touch with us!