Kodachrome St. Park
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This little state park is a gem and is an easy area to explore.  We found the best time was early in the morning - except for the Shakespeare Arch which has to be high noon or thereafter!

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What should greet us upon our early morning arrival at Kodachrome was a crowing crow!

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Early morning @ Kodachrome State Park

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 The Shakespeare Arch

Image 9-23
Spires and pinnacles are the most notable feature of Kodachrome

Image 9-24
And they are formed in the most unusual ways.

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Read our blog to find out more about these amazing structures.

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There is animal life early in the morning-along with some coyotes yipping in the distance was this swallow

Image 9-27
Walt's view of the dead trees.

Image 9-28
These trees actually do provide a purpose and are very slow to decay.