Waterpocket Fold
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Early settlers thought the white cliffs looked like the white buildings in DC, while others looked at the fold as a barrier and having nautical background called it a reef.


Our travels took us into beautiful landscape country.


Passing the former Calf Creek (where I left my calves from walking so much!)


 And the view is getting prettier but a little stranger.

Things are really getting strange.


And then out of no where come these huge rocks on both sides of the road.


Just an inclination of what's to come.

Then we went down - a sign said for the next mile huge grade -  I think we went down a mile in a mile.


The strangest rocks come out of the ground - this is the Waterpocked Fold


We decide to trek back the "highway" way and not the gravel road way and run into these Fremont petroglyphs.

The up through the Dixie Forrest - -


and the beautiful of Autumn Aspens


The view was spectacular going back.