More from YNP - Spring, 2012
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Floating Island Lake has always been a sleeper place for us.  We pass it by continually only to stop and take a look and it always reveals wonderful surprises.  It's amazing how many times you have to learn to stop and smell the flowers or in this case look at the birds.   

Lakes are unusally small in YNP, but who cares when they have a plethora of birds!


You know that showy family called "The Swans" - well they are always bragging about their kids!


Talk about  dressing up for a date;  the grebes have this down perfectly.

Just a little more show!


Again with the Swans - awfully showy about their kids!

Image 3-6
The Ruddy duck loves to put on his own show for a date.

Image 3-7
Called the a Dipper because he dips in the water for food!

Image 3-8
You gotta love this mama owl - she just wants to sleep.....

Image 3-8
....with one eye open.

Image 3-10
Under Mama's watchful eye.

Image 3-11
And a little vixen feeding her kits.

Image 3-12
Rams are always so patrician and always looking down at the rest of the world.

Image 3-10
Nothing like a little Hawk porn!

Image 3-11
A beautiful yellow bird - Audubon's Warbler

Image 3-12
Marmot sniffing the morning air.